The Supervisory Board

Dominik Hunek

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Member of the Audit Committee, independent

In 2002, he obtained a Master of Law degree from the University of Wrocław, in the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics. He worked for the Wrocław and then the Warsaw branch of an international advisory corporation.
Following his admission to the attorney traineeship, he co-founded the Wrocław branch of the Dolnośląskie law office. Member of the Bar Association in Wrocław. In 2007, he passed the attorney exam and began practising law at the Wrocław Law Office Budnik, Posnow i Partnerzy as a Partner. Managing Partner in the Law Office Hunek i Wspólnicy sp. k. Defender, attorney, advisor to Management Boards of industrial and energy companies, coordinator or manager of many analytical and implementation projects.
He has over 15 years of professional experience in negotiations on problems, trade, labour, management of advisory companies and expert groups. Specialist in legal proceedings with the experience of several hundred court proceedings.

Marcin Raubo

Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, independent

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in business law and international business at the London Metropolitan University in London, where he continued his studies at a Master of sciences course (MSc) at Birkbeck, University of London.
Since 2010, owner of the Marina Club Sp. z o.o. in Szczecin. In the years 2011-2016, Deputy Director of the company Energopol Szczecin S.A. From 2014 to the present day, President of the Management Board of Signum Sp. z o.o. In 2015, he founded and remains a proxy in the estate development company Marina Developer Sp. z o.o. Since 2015, Commodore of Yacht Klub Polski in Szczecin. Since February 2020, President of the Zachodniopomorskie Regional Maritime Association in Szczecin. He has experience in bidding processes on the public market, organisation restructuring, digitisation of organisational processes and CSR.
In the years 2016-2020 he was a member of the Supervisory Board of Energopol Szczecin S.A., where he was the Vice-Chairman.

Wojciech Prentki

Secretary of the Supervisory Board, independent

Graduated from Poznań University of Physical Education. He has completed post-graduate studies in Organisation, Management and Banking at Poznań University of Economics. He attended many courses and training sessions, including the training on Organisational Change Management in a Bank organised by Centrum Edukacji i Rozwoju Olimpus in Poznań. He passed the examination for a member of supervisory boards of companies owned by the State Treasury.
He began his career at the Municipal and Provincial Office as an inspector, from 1973 to 1982. In 1982 he became the Deputy Director – Representative of the Mayor of the City of Poznań for the construction of MALTA Sports Centre. Between 1990-1991 he was Director of the Poznań Sports and Recreation Centre. 1991 was the year in which his career in connection with banking started. He became Director of the Bank Management Board’s Office in Invest Bank S.A. in Poznań. In 1992, he left the bank to join Sanpoz Sp. z o.o. in Poznań, where he became Vice-President of Finance, and then returned to the banking sector in 1993, joining Gospodarczy Bank Wielkopolski S.A. in Poznań, where he took up the post of Director of the Organisation and Management Department. He continued work in that position until 1995 when he moved to Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. – Regional Branch in Poznań, where he became the Head of the Marketing Department. In 1997 he was promoted to the position of Director of the Sales Office. In the years 2003-2004 he worked as Director of the Wielkopolska Region Branch at Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej S.A.
In the years 2004-2009, he took up the same position at Bank Millennium S.A. In 2009, he worked as Chief Financial Officer of the Business Centre at Gospodarczy Bank Wielkopolski S.A. and then from 2010 to 2014 he was the Head Office Director in Poznański Bank Spółdzielczy. He then provided advisory services to the Management Board in the companies MRÓZ S.A. and CMT Advisory, and is currently advising the Management Board of Akropol Inwestycje.
Wojciech Prentki was a member of the Supervisory Boards of the companies: Introl S.A., UWI S.A., Pekabud Morasko sp. z o.o., One-2-One S.A. and Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Infrastrukturalnych via Polonia S.A. Currently he is on the Supervisory Board of ALUSTA S.A. and since 2007, on the Supervisory Board of POZBUD S.A.

Jacek Tucharz

Member of the Supervisory Board, Chairman of the Audit Committee, independent

Graduate of Szkoła Główna Handlowa at the Faculty of International Trade. He completed post-graduate studies in marketing policy at SGH in Warsaw. He holds the license of a securities broker.
He began his professional career in 1993 in the Stock Exchange Transactions Group of the Brokerage House of Powszechny Bank Kredytowy S.A., working successively as an inspector, specialist and broker of securities. Between 1996 and 1999 he worked at the XI Narodowy Fundusz Inwestycyjny S.A. (XI National Investment Fund S.A.) in Warsaw as an investment analyst and then as the Investment Director. Between 1999 and 2002 he held the same position in Trinity Management Sp. z o.o. – the asset management company of the Jupiter National Investment Fund. Then in PZU NFI Management Sp. z o.o. (a company managing the assets of the Second NFI, NFI Progress and E. Kwiatkowski NFI) until 2004 he was Director of the Department of Leading Companies.
In 2005 he was the Financial Vice-President of the Management Board in the portfolio company NFI Progress S.A. – Zakłady Elektrotechniki Motoryzacyjnej ZELMOT S.A. In January 2007, he re-established his cooperation with Trinity Management Sp. z o.o., where he was the Director of Investment until 2009. Simultaneously, in the years 2007–2012 he was the President of the Management Board of Auto-Centrum Puławska Sp. z o.o. Between 2013-2014, he was the Vice-President of the Management Board of Energosynergia Technologie Sp. z o.o.
At the same time, since 2009, he has been in the Supervisory Boards of companies, mostly as an independent member of the board, representing financial investors. He has been a member of the Supervisory Boards of such companies as MLP S.A., AVIA AM Leasing S.A. Wilno, PENTON TFI S.A., HERKULES S.A. Currently he is member of the Supervisory Boards of Seco-Warwick S.A. (member of the Audit Committee), Forte S.A. On the Supervisory Board of POZBUD S.A. from 2019.

Wojciech Wika–Czarnowski

Member of the Supervisory Board, Member of the Audit Committee, independent

He obtained a Bachelor’s and then Master’s degree in management at Społeczna Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Zarządzania in Łódź.
He began his professional career in 1998 as a sales representative and then became Head of the Sales Department of Clima Komfort s.c. in Grudziądz. Since 2001 he has worked in the following positions: Specialist in the area of public contracts and tenders, a Regional promoter and a road market manager at Wavin Metalplast Buk Sp. in Buk near Poznań. Since 2007, President of the Management Board of DWD System Sp. z o.o.