Modernity Through Experience

POZBUD S.A. is a Polish company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and one of the largest producers of joinery in Poland. The openness to business challenges in other sectors, which has been developing in recent years, was an incentive to build a Capital Group around the Company. Today, responding to the technological challenges of the market, in our actions we combine usefulness with concern for the environment.  The Company treats the several decades of its experience in operating on the Polish market as a unique capital and at the same time as a huge commitment to owners and other stakeholders. The acquisition of an infrastructure contract was crucial for the development of the Company. The purchase of the special-purpose vehicle, related to the contract, began the creation of a strong POZBUD Capital Group, which today brings together companies having references and staff ready to complete projects in the market for construction services, estate development services and the rail industry. At the same time, the Company is taking actions aimed at obtaining orders in the hydraulic engineering, renewable energy and railway industries. Simultaneously, ever since its inception, POZBUD has remained the leading Polish manufacturer of joinery, offering its customers in Poland, Western Europe and the United States goods sold under the SLONAWY brand, manufactured in one of the most modern factories on the continent.

Important Moments in History

2020 acquisition of 100% of shares in AGNES S.A., the creation of POZBUD Inwestycje Sp. z o.o. (Formerly POZBUD Hydrotechnika Sp. z o.o.) and POZBUD OZE Sp. z o.o. – entry into the renewable energy sources market

2017 acquisition of a 100% stake in the company SPC-2 Sp. z o.o.

2016 launch of the first project within the Strzeszyn – Zacisze development segment

2011 the first contract in the railway revitalisation segment – railway line no. 271 Wrocław Główny

2008 start-up of the production facility in Słonawy, IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange – raising PLN 13.3 million of capital

1973 opening of the carpentry workshop