Information on the Development Strategy of POZBUD Capital Group

After an analysis carried out in connection with ownership changes of the Company’s shares which took place in the first half of 2020, the Management Board of POZBUD S.A. with its registered office in Poznań (the Company, the Issuer) informs that it has decided on the main assumptions of the strategy to be implemented by POZBUD Capital Group in the years 2021-2023. However, the Company’s Management Board points out that in view of the current market situation the strategy may be modified to protect the interests of the Company and POZBUD’s stakeholders.

1. Markets for Conducting Business Activity

Joinery market
POZBUD S.A. will continue to produce premium goods on the joinery market under the brand SLONAWY. The strategic goal for 2021 is to reconfigure the offer of window profiles, increase the Company’s share in the segment of external doors sales and resume operations in the segment of internal doors sales. The Management Board of POZBUD S.A. assumes a gradual increase in revenues from the discussed segments of finished goods sales to a level exceeding PLN 100 million per year over 5 years*, also through the improvement of export sales and the establishment of alliances with international partners.

The market for specialised construction services
The Company, through its subsidiaries – SPC2 Sp. z o.o. and AGNES S.A., has a significant share in the contract „Construction of ERTMS/GSM-R system infrastructure on railway lines of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. under NPW ERTMS”, carried out for PKP PLK S.A. The strategic goal of the Company is to obtain financial parameters planned for the contract scheduled until 2023, to obtain references allowing it to continue its operations in the segment of fibre optic infrastructure construction. Simultaneously, the Management Board does not preclude participation in tender procedures related to the award of contracts in other segments of infrastructural construction. Furthermore, the Company plans to enter the market of construction services in the hydraulic engineering segment and renewable energy sources market, through the establishment of the subsidiaries POZBUD Hydrotechnika Sp. z o.o. POZBUD OZE Sp. z o.o., and also in the form of partnerships with companies and investors operating in the hydraulic engineering and engineering industries.

Estate development market
The Company plans to finish the sale of the completed Strzeszyn-Zacisze project. The Management Board does not preclude the implementation of estate development projects in the future, if there is a business justification for such a decision.

New industries
The Company’s Management Board will undertake activities aimed at further diversifying the scope of its activities, including the electromechanical engineering industry, not excluding targeted acquisitions.

2. Management

In the period covered by the strategy, the Management Board of POZBUD S.A. will continue the activities undertaken in the second quarter of 2020 aimed at implementing management systems in the Company and the Capital Group, based on modern IT infrastructure, providing access to current and up-to-date management data. Simultaneously, the Management Board plans to continue to reorganise the management systems of the production facility in Słonawy in order to further improve the efficiency of the production processes and management of the available assets and resources.

3. Financial Stability

The strategic goal of the Company’s Management Board is to reorganise the financial debt, to ensure the Company’s and the Capital Group’s financial stability by improving key financial indicators, to continue and establish cooperation with reliable financial institutions and to optimise the use of assets held, including the carrying out of rational disinvestments of properties not used in business activities.

4. Responsible Business

The strategic objective of the Management Board is the sustainable development of the activities of POZBUD Capital Group, taking into account the optimal use of the Company’s resources and the environment in which it carries out its business activities. Respect for the environment, partners and mutual obligations is the core value of the Management Boards and Employees of the POZBUD Group.

*The Management Board of the Company points out that the data presented does not constitute forecasts or estimates of financial results, but is merely a reference to the current assumptions of the Company’s Management Board.

The strategy publishedby way of current report No. 55/2020of 30 December 2020.