POZBUD S.A. is a company with Polish capital, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, forming a Capital Group comprising production companies and enterprises providing engineering and construction services.

The Company delivers its products to Customers in European Union countries and the United States and works with Partners operating internationally, in all segments covered by the operations of the POZBUD Group companies.

Group activities

The operating activities of the POZBUD Group focus on five market segments: construction services, joinery, residential development, RES and the railway industry. To meet the expectations of its customers, the Group offers exceptional solutions. We work with reliable partners operating in the domestic and international markets.



Taking care of our planet together

The strategic objective of the Management Board is the sustainable development of the POZBUD Group, taking into account the optimal use of the company’s resources and the environment in which it operates. Respect for the surroundings and the environment is a basic value of the Management Boards and Employees of the POZBUD Group.